Are we at the end of time?

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3rd September 2021
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17th September 2021
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Are we at the end of time?

When you think about it, the way we work is crazy.

For the most part, we measure output by the time it takes to do the task. This is madness.

I’m old enough to remember the bad old days of ‘work to rule’ or the ‘go slow’. Here the workers would do exactly that and bring the business close to collapse.

But have things changed that much? I can work as fast or as slow as I want. Time is a stupid way to measure work output.

The result of all this was fixed hours – clocking in as it was known as. Being ‘late for work’; was almost a crime.

Now we have a real chance to change; first we don’t need to go to the office.

Instead, we can have a nice lie-in with our loved one should we feel the urge (you know what I mean) bring them a nice cup of tea, or something. Then, garbed in our in our jammies or nightie, we struggle down to make a slice or two or toast, bringing it back to the bed for another cuddle.

Then a bit of breakfast or maybe a round of golf to start the day. Why not?

Or maybe we won’t decide to work that day at all and push it all off until the next day.

And why work Monday to Friday – what about Saturday and Sunday (sorry Fr O’Malley). After all, that’s what dairy farmers do. The cows don’t milk themselves.

Like with all the world-changing events the pandemic has brought about change and we should grasp it.

Of course, this won’t work for all jobs. Take train drivers. No Problem. Trains are run by computers not necessarily drivers although they have an important safety role. Last week I saw a tube driver with his feet up reading a book as he pulled into the station – admittedly it was Tolstoy; obviously improving his mind.

So how do we measure work? Well, the first thing is TRUST. It’s a big word, but the vast majority of people get on with their jobs and value them.

For most, job satisfaction and quality of life are the drivers.

People will get the job done.

A little secret: I’ve worked for myself for most of my life and let me tell you, I worked much harder than I would for any boss. I’m a slave driver…for myself!

Let’s face it, COVID has been horrible, but let’s make the most of it. There is opportunity everywhere.

We have even come up with ways of consulting thousands of residents in the comfort of their own homes… admittedly they have to lift a finger – but if you want to know more about that call me!

Have a good weekend.