Party, Party, Party!

EXCLUSIVE. Early draft of the PM’s speech at Tory Party Conference
1st October 2021
Housing – another broken record
15th October 2021
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Party, Party, Party!

You have to hand it to Boris. This is a man who could have saved the Titanic, quenched the Great Fire of London single-handed or pulled five hundred rabbits of out a hat.

With the current state of he country, his speech to the party conference should have been a disaster. The economy is in in all sorts of trouble, inflation is at its highest for some decades (at 4 per cent), 137k people have died from Covid and the man is cheered as if he has just won World War Three.

And in the middle of this mayhem, he made some of his best jokes ever during the Prime Minister’s speech and we all laughed. The Comedians are losing out.

Compare it to poor old Kier Starmer who was measured and statesmanlike (also known as boring). And he had the embarrassment of some of his party members heckling him and waving posters. Still he resolutely held his line and remained calm and even got a quip of his own in.

The Liberal Democrats had their conference on-line and no one seemed to notice. There must have been something good on Netflix. Seemingly they found it hard to find a room small enough to hold all the delegates.

Now this is all very well for Boris, the Armageddon that is the economy has yet to hit home. It could be a very different story next year (or the year after) when the jokes fall flat. When inflation is creeping up towards 10 per cent (I’ve been there when it was at 27%) and unemployment is up.

It all seemed less funny then. If we are to do a line of the likely Prime Ministers then, who would we pick? I can’t see Sir Ed Davey coming from behind, Boris jokes will go down like a bad comedian in a Glasgow Club. Keir is playing a long game; he know that elections are not won; they are lost.

It should be interesting!

Have a good weekend.