It gives one hope…

One law for them… one for us
17th December 2021
Sanity Clause
7th January 2022
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It gives one hope…

And so another year draw to a close. Our second Christmas in a pandemic wave (I can’t remember what number we’re on).

I sometimes still look at the news and catch myself thinking “that looks like a really good Science Horror film, I must see when it’s on at the cinema” and then I realise it’s our reality now.

Good things have come out of this too. I think it’s safe to say that society has, on the whole, become a little bit more compassionate. I certainly experienced a lot more neighbourly love.

It gives one hope for humanity to see people helping one-another. We’re all in this together and only by standing together will we get through it.

We wish you all a very happy festive season and let’s hope 2022 holds only good things.

With all our warmest wishes,

Tom, Henry and the CCP team.