Let Us Be Quiet.

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2nd September 2022
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16th September 2022
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Let Us Be Quiet.

This week our Just A Minute (JAM) is a quiet minute of silence as we remember our Queen.

It has been one of the most historic weeks in the history of our great Country. In years to come we will remember the week when we got a new Prime Minister on the Tuesday and on Thursday a new King.

Her late Majesty has been the one constant in Government for the last 70 years. Prime Ministers, Ministers and whole Governments came and went but the one consistent figure above the rough and tumble of politics for generations has been our Queen.

In the coming days as we mourn the loss of our beloved Monarch we will remember with fondness her leadership, good counsel and the unity she provided over the years.

A new era opens in front of us with a new Prime Minister and a new King.

God save the King!

Tom Curtin’s JAM will be back next week.