Should you WhatsApp what you think?

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2nd March 2023
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16th March 2023
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Should you WhatsApp what you think?

You guessed it… Matt Hancock is the topic this week! I simply could not resist poking fun at our esteemed former Health Secretary.

Now, I will be very clear from the beginning that I have absolutely NO sympathy for Mr Hancock and his stupidity. And that is what it is… stupidity. Who in their right mind would hand over 100,000 WhatsApp messages to a reporter who is notorious for turning against her sources. Just ask Vicky Price who colluded with Ms Oakeshott and ended up in prison…

But on to the WhatsApp messages. Hands up all of you who hasn’t sent a WhatsApp message saying exactly what you think to someone you know? You know the sort of stuff, the things you can’t say out loud because if the wider public knew what you really thought you would end up in a spot of bother. No one? I thought as much!

It certainly is very interesting to get a glimpse into the private thoughts and tactics of a Secretary of State. I was particularly struck by the suggestion of blackmailing MPs into supporting the COVID rules by threatening to withdraw funding for things like a new centre for disabled children and a public health hub.

There is also a catalogue of evidence of MPs being intimidated by whips during the Johnson years to help deliver the former Prime Minister’s agenda and I would argue that such tactics probably contributed to his downfall… He went around bullying people and when the chips were down, the bullied backbenchers got their revenge. At some significant cost because they unleashed absolute chaos and Labour is riding high in the polls and even Sue Gray’s controversial appointment as Chief of Staff to Keir Starmer isn’t sticking.

This is a classic case of the Government LOSING an election rather than the opposition winning it.

But back to the WhatsApp messages. I am sure you all feel that sometimes you just want to say to the NIMBYs that they are selfish and that their “arguments” against proposed homes is completely ridiculous. I know I have sent messages pointing out that the only reason Mr Smith is objecting is that he is worried that the new homes will affect his house price… or Mrs Jones is objecting because she thinks she owns the view from her window.

Perhaps there is a case for calling out NIMBYs and shame them. Only this week we had a project where (and this is a first for me) we had residents objecting to Air Source Heat Pumps because (wait for it…) they make a noise! (I’m not making this up!). The whole green agenda and reducing our carbon footprint passed them by entirely because a dull humm no louder than a fridge, two garden lengths away, will ruin their lives… (or maybe it was really because they overlook a field that might be full of houses soon?)

So, perhaps *some* of these WhatsApp messages with our thoughts should be said out loud. Not all of them. Just some!

Until next week,


Ps. I would love to have seen the WhatsApps he sent after eating cows anus!