Berkshire consists of six Unitary Councils (Berks County was abolished in 1998). All six the councils have elections this year with four all-out and two electing a third of the Council.

Two of the councils are rock solid Labour (Reading and Slough) and will remain that despite Slough being in financial trouble.

Last year we predicted that the Tories would lose overall control in Wokingham and indeed they did and the opposition parties formed a coalition. This year both the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead and West Berks are likely to follow suit.

Bracknell Forest looks like it might be one of the few good news stories for the Tories at this election.

We’re taking a quick look at the six Councils in turn to give you an idea of what might happen. This helps us to prepare for engagement after 4 May. You need to have an idea of who you are likely to deal with and what their likely views might be.

  1. West Berkshire – Conservative – Lib Dem GAIN
    • Full council up for election.
    • Expected Lib Dem and Green gains from the Conservatives.
  2. Reading – Labour – Labour HOLD
    • Third of council up for election
    • Labour holds a large majority and it would be unlikely for that to change this year.
  3. Wokingham – NOC – Lib Dem/Labour/Independent partnership – Potential Lib Dem GAIN
    • Third of council up for election
    • The Liberal Democrats will need to win a net gain of 4 seats to take a majority, which is possible but the existing partnership may continue after May.
  4. Bracknell Forest – Conservative – Conservative HOLD
    • Full council up for election
    • The Conservatives currently hold a massive majority, and are likely to hold it on a smaller majority in May.
  5. Windsor and Maidenhead – Conservative – NOC GAIN
    • Full council up for election
    • Conservatives currently hold a small majority and it is likely to see that majority fall into an NOC where the Liberal Democrats and Residents Association could form a coalition agreement.
  1. Slough – Labour – Labour HOLD
    • Full council up for election after boundary review – increase of number of wards from 15 to 21 with each ward electing two members
    • Labour likely to hold this council with a large majority.

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