We are very active in the East Midlands and are the leading consultancy to engage with residents and politicians in this area.

Leicestershire consists of 8 councils and a County Council.

4 May is a very big day for Leicestershire as all the Councils (except the County) is up for election.

There will be a few seats changing hands and the one to watch here is North West Leics. There is a wafer thin Tory majority and they could be replaced by a Labour led ABC coalition. The rest are all fairly safe Tory/LibDem/Labour.

There could be a bit of an exception in Charnwood where we understand things are heating up and if the Tories hold on, it won’t be with a very big majority.

  1. North West Leicestershire – Con – NOC GAIN
    • Full council up for election
    • The Conservatives currently hold a small majority. We predict that this majority will be lost and the council will fall into No Overall Control. As a result there could be a coalition between Labour and other opposition parties.
  1. Charnwood – Con – Con HOLD
    • Full council up for election
    • A relatively safe Conservative council – we expect a few set gains by Labour but not enough to threaten the current Conservative majority control on the council.
  1. Melton – Con – Con HOLD
    • Full council up for election
    • Another safe Conservative council unlikely to fall from Conservative control. Opposition organisation has been poor in previous election. We’re predicting not much change here.
  1. Harborough – Con – Con HOLD
    • Full council up for election.
    • We predict that the Conservatives will hold on with a reduced majority.
  1. Oadby and Wigston – Lib Dem – Lib Dem HOLD
    • Full council up for election
    • We expect the Liberal Democrats to maintain their majority on this council, as they have done every election since 2003.
  1. Blaby – Con – Con HOLD
    • Full council up for election
    • We expect to see the Conservatives hold onto their majority this May, although slightly reduced.
  1. Hinckley and Bosworth – Lib Dem – Lib Dem HOLD
    • Full council up for election
    • We predict that the Lib Dems will hold this council, with a potential few more gains if the campaign goes well for them.
  1. City of Leicester – Labour – Labour HOLD
    • Unitary authority with directly elected Mayor
    • Full council and Mayor up for election
    • Predicting a comfortable Labour hold of their massive majority of 49 out of 54 seats.