As with neighbouring Leicestershire, all Councillors on the eight Councils in Nottinghamshire are up for election (but not the County!)

Ones to watch here are Mansfield, Newark & Sherwood, Rushcliffe and then Ashfield where anything could happen!

  1. City of Nottingham – Lab – Lab HOLD
    • Unitary authority
    • Full council up for election
    • A Labour held council since 1988 and they currently hold 50 out of 55 seats on the Council. We’re predicting another massive Labour majority in this year’s election.
  1. Bassetlaw – Lab – Lab HOLD
    • Full council up for election
    • Another safe Labour council with a large majority, we’re predicting very few changes here and another Labour majority.
  1. Mansfield – NOC – NOC/Labour minority
    • Full Council and Mayoral election this year
    • Mansfield is a swing council between Labour and a local Mansfield Independents Group. IN 2019 Labour narrowly won the Mayoral election by 2 votes over the incumbent Mansfield Independent Mayor. The Council is in NOC with Labour the largest group.
    • We’re predicting a Labour hold in the Mayoral election and another NOC council.
  1. Newark and Sherwood – Con – NOC GAIN
    • Full council up for election
    • We’re predicting that this council will fall into NOC with the Conservatives remaining the largest party. We expect gains to be made by both Labour and the Liberal Democrats leading to a potential coalition agreement or a Conservative minority administration.
  1. Ashfield – Ashfield Independents – Who knows!
    • Full council up for election
    • In 2019, Ashfield Independents won 30 seats out of 35. Since then, there has been a huge amount of controversy at this Council with councillors being arrested and investigated and one even prosecuted. The local MP is Tory, Lee Anderson and will no doubt put in a huge effort to take this Council. We simply can’t predict what will happen here. On paper the Ashfield Independents should keep it but given the circumstances anything could happen!
  1. Gedling – Lab – Lab HOLD
    • Full council up for election
    • We’re predicting Labour to hold this council with a healthy majority.
  1. Broxtowe – NOC – NOC HOLD
    • Full council up for election
    • We’re predicting that the Council will remain in NOC, with gains made by Labour. Also, Broxtowe attracted candidates from the Ashfield Independents (party controlling neighbouring Ashfield) and they may do well this year. One to watch!
  1. Rushcliffe – Con – NOC GAIN
    • Full council up for election
    • Despite holding a large majority on the council we’re predicting the Conservatives will suffer losses to both Labour and Lib Dems that will result in the council falling to NOC.