Feedback Forms

Community feedback is important.

The feedback forms serve three purposes, the first is to form the basis of the Statement of Community Involvement that gets submitted with the planning application and is a legal requirement.

The second is to seek views and identify potential issues with the application that needs to be addressed through the design process.

The third purpose is to actively make respondents evaluate the different aspects of the proposal and assess for themselves the benefits and recognise the facts of the application.

  • We ask for contact details that are then securely stored (GDPR compliant) and creates a list of contacts for future communications (the supporters of the scheme are later actively encouraged to take part in the statutory consultation process).
  • Questions with set parameters to help gain evidence to substantiate the planning application (drafted with the project team).
  • A free section where residents can make comments that fall outside the set parameters.
  • Designed to be compatible with iPads if we need to conduct door-to-door consultation.
  • All captured data is analysed and forms the main part of the Statement of Community Involvement.