Local Government Public Affairs

We understand how Local Authorities, Regional Assemblies and Parliament work.

At the Community Communications Partnership we have an in-depth understanding of how Local Authorities, Regional Assemblies and Parliament works. Our senior consultant team has a combined experience in various levels of Government in excess of 100 years. We all served in senior roles as elected Councillors, Assembly Members and worked extensively with Parliamentarians including Ministers and Cabinet Ministers. In fact, one of our senior consultants, Richard Barnes, was the Deputy Mayor of London under former Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The CCP has devised a number of highly effective communications strategies to engage different tiers of Government with great success. These strategies are based on our knowledge of the general mindset of Councils, an in-depth understanding on their priorities their political agendas, their regional outlook, their communities they serve and a number of other local factors that we take into consideration.

We have consultants who cover different regions of the Country therefore, we have the unique ability to shape the strategy in a highly focused way that appeals to each region or even down to each Council to best appeal to their priorities. These highly focused and personalised strategies maximise the levels of engagement and get our clients the required results.

We have engaged with all 343 Councils in England on a number of projects and have had overwhelming response rates and great results from both elected Councillors and lead officers at all the Councils. At most of these authorities, we have built up relationships with the Leadership and senior officers. This has resulted in the CCP having a very good reputation with Councillors and Councils as an organisation that is trustworthy and introduces them to services and issues that are worthy of their attention.

Our strategies are always bespoke and each one unique. We do have elements of good practice and effective communications that we utilise and where we become aware of an aspect of the message that needs something extra, we devise the methodology to achieve that effective communication.

Some of the services and methodologies include:

  • Shaping an attention-grabbing and succinct core message.
  • Ensuring that the message is tailored to its demographic that could vary across the country.
  • Working with the client to ensure that the message contains all the right elements to gain active interest.
  • Providing platforms to communicate the message:
    • Dedicated websites to serve as a portal for the information
    • Direct mail campaigns (those were the days!)
    • Printed material
    • E-mail campaigns
    • Social media campaigns
    • Media campaigns
  • We also have the unique ability to make follow-up phone-calls and engage on a highly personal level with stakeholders – this is conducted by our senior consultants to ensure peer-to-peer engagement and is highly effective

Watch our video on local government public affairs for more information.