Newsletters and Leaflets

Newsletters and Leaflets

The most effective way of making first contact.

The most effective way of making first contact & getting initial information out to the public is still an old-fashioned printed newsletter – Door to door delivery in the surrounding area is the most effective way of communicating with local stakeholders. The content is obviously limited by the amount of space on a printed document and a newsletter can only provide basic information. We use this newsletter as a vehicle to direct the public to the website containing more information.

Our team produces eye-catching designs of the highest quality and we have the newsletters printed on durable thick recycled paper.

One of the great benefits of working for the CCP is that we have an in-house fitness and exercise regime where our own consultants do the deliveries. That way we know for a fact the newsletters get delivered and we burn a few calories in the process.

These newsletters contain a variety of important content.

  • An overview or background section explaining the project and aim of the development.
  • Detailed information on the number of homes or businesses that are planned.
  • Images and designs of the proposed development such as buildings, open spaces, frontages and gardens.
  • Information on existing transport as well as newly proposed transport options for the proposed development.
  • A summary section to make sure the key benefits of the proposal are once again highlighted.
  • Any other essential information pertaining to the proposal, highlighting the key benefits.

Watch our video on newsletters and leaflets for more information.