Social Media Support Campaign

Using Social Media to generate support for planning proposals.

We are increasingly using Social Media to generate support for planning proposals. We use a number of Social Media platforms including:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

The social media platforms utilise a geographic area for coverage that we can set. This area can vary from a few blocks to the entire country and can target specific groups, age ranges, interests, etc. By utilising the social media profiling tools, we can also direct it specifically at key audiences who the proposed development (or aspects of the associated benefits) would appeal to.

This takes the form of a paid advert that appears in the users’ newsfeed. This advert contains basic eye-catching information to draw the reader in and then directs them over to a website that provides positive information stating the bare facts of the application and then highlighting in detail the associated benefits of the proposal.

This approach actively engages with residents explains all aspects of the associated benefits that would encourage them to become active supporters. This works on the principle that there is a large variety of benefits that would appeal to ordinary people and ask them to support this to get the benefits for their area and the vital investment to make improvements.

This set of benefits could include all of the S106 and CiL contributions (sometimes translated into tangible elements by means of infographics that relate it to real-life that people can practically relate to). It also includes wider benefits such as jobs being created, commercial offers, housing offers, economic benefits, and any other relevant benefits the development could provide.

This method reaches far beyond what is possible with any physical engagement. It also reaches a very wide and diverse audience who tend to be in a lower age-range and therefore more pragmatic about developments.

When residents click on the Social Media advert, it directs them to a website specifically dedicated to the development. The website contains basic information and then have a short questionnaire and a page where they can tell us what they think about the proposal and provide us with their details. It also asks them to express their support. This information then comes back to the CCP where we process the feedback.

We then actively engage with positive respondents on a one-to-one basis and encourage them to take part in the Statutory Consultation process by the Planning Authority or to simply submit positive responses to the planning department expressing their support for the proposed development.

Additional Services:

We recommend that we produce a short promotional film to explain the basic information of the proposal and a detailed overview of all the associated benefits.

This short film not only provides a visual representation of the proposed development but can help to make the case for the regeneration of buildings that have reached the end of their lifespan and are in dire need of regeneration.

This campaign technique is a very powerful tool that utilise the media technology aspects of Social Media and from our experience, it is a very powerful tool that conveys the message in a clear, succinct and user-friendly way.

Service includes:

  • Writing of targeted campaign material
  • Graphic design of adverts
  • Placing of adverts
  • Purchase of unique web domain
  • Design and hosting of a website
  • Active engagement with positive respondents
  • Report on response rates and active support (to form an addendum to the SCI)

Watch our video on social media support campaign for more information.