Stakeholder Consultation

The Community Communications Partnership team is very experienced at conducting meetings through our senior roles in local government where we all chaired numerous Council meetings, Council committees, residents meetings, etc.

We have a deep understanding of how Council meetings work and assist in the planning and preparation of the agenda and presentations to ensure that the opportunity of the meeting is maximised to its full potential.

As we are all experienced former and sitting councillors who had to engage with groups of residents we also know how to formulate and present planning applications to these groups to ensure that the message is communicated in a succinct way with all the necessary facts and information included so that residents can make an informed decision and give valuable feedback.

We are adept at steering these meetings in such a way that they are constructive and serve their purpose of engaging with stakeholders to be informative and stimulate dialogue. We always follow-up with the stakeholders after the meeting and prepare a set of minutes or an aide memoire for all participating parties to ensure that an accurate record is kept and to ensure transparency in the planning process.

Watch our video on stakeholder meetings for more information.