Virtual Exhibitions

We can take people on an actual virtual flight over the proposed development.

We started developing Virtual Exhibitions and Information Films before the COVID pandemic and used it to great effect. The Virtual Exhibition is hosted on the home page of a specific website and is the first thing residents see when they visit the website.  

We invite the visitor to watch the Virtual Exhibition that helps us to get the information over in a very effective way where residents simply sit passively with the easily accessible information provided to them. 

Another advantage of our virtual exhibitions, is that we can take people on an actual virtual flight over the proposed development using CGI (computer generated imagery) as well as our own drone footage taken from the skies. This birds-eye view of the development has proven to be extremely popular not only with our website visitors, but also in our overall success rate when it comes to planning approval.  

Our Virtual Exhibitions make it much more engaging and has proved time and time again that an overload of information can be explained in a much simpler way, leaving them more informed. 

You can view some of our Virtual Exhibition examples here: