Votes and Petitions

Votes and petitions on infrastructure.

S106 and CiL contributions are often significant amounts of money or physical works that are required by law. More often than not these contributions go totally unnoticed by the general public and even by Planning Committees. We believe that these contributions should be highlighted as it practically demonstrates the benefits developments can bring to an area.

The benefits such as financial contributions to education and highways can be explained with infographics that ordinary people can relate to. When it comes to more physical contributions such as sports facilities, specific highways improvements or play areas, etc. we believe that highlighting them by asking residents to specifically support these works on the website by voting on options of what they want or signing an online petition calling for it to be provided.

This assists us to generate active support for the proposals and demonstrate to the planning authority that even if there is localised opposition from direct neighbours, that there is wider community support.

Watch our video on votes and petitions for more information.