Mixed Use Regeneration

Local Plan
14th July 2022

Iconic Major New Development

Once the earlier phases had been built and occupied, residents began to object to this later phase due to a perceived disruption to their homes with the ongoing expansion of the Housing Zone. The CCP devised a consultation exercise that was fresh, new and engaged incredibly effectively with residents, by using highly innovative and ground-breaking technology.

The site was a very large major mixed use regeneration scheme in Brent between the main tube station and the national stadium at Wembley. The site was in a prominent position on what Brent calls the processional entrance to the stadium.

It was a very large development consisting of two residential towers, an extension to an existing four-star hotel, a new three-star hotel, commercial units and associated infrastructure. The site formed part of the Wembley Central GLA Housing Zhadone and Quintain acted as master builder for much of the site, setting a very high benchmark for public engagement.

The CCP’s engagement was made interesting with drone footage showing to residents not only what the proposed development would look like but also what the surrounding area looked like, thereby demonstrating that this development was a natural conclusion to the earlier Quintain developments.

The CCP also highlighted the large number of employment opportunities in the proposed hotel extension and new hotel, as well as the retail and other community benefits.

The use of social media as the main portal for engagement helped our client to communicate with over 50k local residents, making it one of the most successful public engagement exercises.

What the CCP did:

  • Engaged effectively with senior Councillors on the Ward Councillors.
  • Utilised modern technology to engage with a very large number of local residents.
  • Simplified the message and made this large application with numerous aspects very easily understandable for local residents.

This resulted in local consent, and the Planning Committee at Brent agreed that this was an ambitious and well-designed proposal with no objections, that would make a valuable contribution to their Borough.