Rebuild Project

Local Plan
14th July 2022
Brown Field Regeneration
14th July 2022

Controversial Commercial Site

Following a fire at the Shurgard Self Storage Facility on Purley Way in Croydon, which saw the building burnt to the ground, Shurgard had to apply for a new planning permission to incorporate a radically different design of their facility. The CCP was brought in to engage with neighbours in a really meaningful way and address their concerns through our expert knowledge of planning and construction.

A number of these local residents had suffered heat, smoke and soot damage to their properties due to the fire. It was a watershed moment for the self-storage industry and laid bare a number of problems with the planning regulations and building control that governed such facilities. The option to rebuild their facility along the same design as before was simply not viable for Shurgard. They saw this as an opportunity to reconfigure the layout and facilities on site to include an element of commercial office space.

The CCP built up relationships with residents and Councillors in the local area and communicated with them the proposed changes to the design to reassure them that a future facility would contain measures to prevent a repeat of the incident.

What the CCP did:

  • Went door-to-door in the surrounding neighbourhood and listened to the effects the fire had on local residents.
  • Held meetings with the local MP, senior Councillors and Ward Councillors to address their concerns and reassure them about the safety of any new facility.
  • Reassured residents about the safety measures for the new facility and demonstrated to them that this new facility would bring added benefits to their local area.

This resulted in local consent being achieved. Having addressed all the concerns and proving that the new proposed development will be safer and hold community benefits, we received a delegated approval.