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    13th May 2022

    NOCers are the big winners

    NOCers are the big winners So, the council elections are all over so we can forget about them. The Tories got hammered. Well, not quite. Labour had a brilliant night…in London. The Liberal Democrats are about to form the next government. Wrong again. The reason […]
    6th May 2022

    Forty shades of NIMBY

    Forty shades of NIMBY I thought the headline might appeal to you, but first a word from our sponsor. Commercial Break. Yesterday there were local elections in many parts of the UK. You can get the headlines but what really happened to YOUR site? We […]
    29th April 2022

    I’m in floods of tears

    I’m in floods of tears I’m not going to name the council, but I have just spent the best part of an hour watching a planning committee in action. (or inaction as it turned out). The executives at Netflix, Amazon Prime and the Disney Channel […]