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    23rd September 2022

    Oh, For Frack’s Sake, Liz

    Oh, For Frack’s Sake, Liz I have to hand it to our new Prime Minister – she’s not afraid of a frack fight. High up there with removing the cap on bankers’ bonuses she has announced that a key solution to the energy shortage is […]
    16th September 2022

    Planning – It’s all Bull****

    Planning – It’s all Bull**** I love the countryside. Aaaah. The singing of the birds, the views of green fields and the rich, sweet smell of cow manure. I come from farming stock, and I’ve got a myriad of cousins still working the land around […]
    9th September 2022

    Let Us Be Quiet.

    Let Us Be Quiet. This week our Just A Minute (JAM) is a quiet minute of silence as we remember our Queen. It has been one of the most historic weeks in the history of our great Country. In years to come we will remember […]