4th November 2022

Community-Led Planning: Forget It

Community-Led Planning: Forget It How do you feel about buying fuel for your car? How about dropping off the dry cleaning? Getting your locks trimmed or shaped? In the trade, these are known as ‘distress purchases’ – something that you need but take absolutely no […]
28th October 2022

Back In The Saddle Again

Back In The Saddle Again As I predicted, and with a huge sense of relief, it is good to see Michael Gove at the department he created. Why? It might bring some sense of certainty and continuity which can only be in everyone’s interest. It […]
21st October 2022

Breakfast at Trussies (closed for refurbishment)*

Breakfast at Trussies (closed for refurbishment)* What’s the first thing the new Prime Minister – X (I daren’t guess) and Jeremy talk about when they meet up.  Let’s listen in on the conversation. X: Well, Jeremy thank you for sorting out the heap of c*** […]
14th October 2022

No Country For Tall Men

No Country For Tall Men We always had a great laugh at the silly guidance coming out of the EU. Remember the edict on the straightness of bananas or the size of condoms with the Italians being ridiculed for wanting smaller ones. Much of it […]
7th October 2022

Energy – Not To Put Too Fine A Tooth On It

Energy – Not To Put Too Fine A Tooth On It I was sitting in the dental surgery having just caught up with the shenanigans of European royalty in HELLO! and about to double check it all in OK! when a contraption in the corner […]
30th September 2022

Crisis? What Crisis?

Crisis? What Crisis? What is our new administration going to do about (a) the housing crisis (b) the crisis in planning and (c) the shortage of planners? Short answer: SFA Why? They can’t. Without the economy (or indeed the government) being stable, all of the above issues will go […]
23rd September 2022

Oh, For Frack’s Sake, Liz

Oh, For Frack’s Sake, Liz I have to hand it to our new Prime Minister – she’s not afraid of a frack fight. High up there with removing the cap on bankers’ bonuses she has announced that a key solution to the energy shortage is […]
16th September 2022

Planning – It’s all Bull****

Planning – It’s all Bull**** I love the countryside. Aaaah. The singing of the birds, the views of green fields and the rich, sweet smell of cow manure. I come from farming stock, and I’ve got a myriad of cousins still working the land around […]
9th September 2022

Let Us Be Quiet.

Let Us Be Quiet. This week our Just A Minute (JAM) is a quiet minute of silence as we remember our Queen. It has been one of the most historic weeks in the history of our great Country. In years to come we will remember […]
2nd September 2022

Did Mrs T Get It That Wrong?

Did Mrs T Get It That Wrong? When you think of Mrs Thatcher, what thoughts come to mind? The Falkland’s War, fixing the economy, the miners’ strike and her flagship policy…privatisation. I won’t comment on the first three, but I have a confession to make. […]