10th December 2021

To talk about the Party or not to talk about the Party?

To talk about the Party or not to talk about the Party?   The news over the past few days has been totally dominated by that party… the one at number 10 last year when we all had to cancel Christmas and sit on our […]
3rd December 2021

What does the Old Bexley and Sidcup by-election result tell us?

What does the Old Bexley and Sidcup by-election result tell us? A bit like Boris Johnson who before Brexit allegedly wrote two speeches, one pro-Brexit and one against Brexit, I too had prepared two answers on the question of what the Old Bexley and Sidcup […]
26th November 2021

Read all about it

Read all about it The relationship between politicians and the media is a bit like a what I call an ‘economic marriage’. Both sides can’t really stand the sight of each other, but the money situation makes it impossible to get divorced. If the family […]
19th November 2021


“OBJECTION!” This week’s Just A Minute is guest authored by Richard Barnes the former Deputy Mayor of London. With one word parliamentarian, curmudgeon and contrarian Sir Christopher Chope derailed the Government’s plans to side-step the debate on former MP Owen Paterson misdoings and the sleaze […]
12th November 2021

How will people remember you?

How will people remember you?   FW de Klerk died yesterday. The last white leader of South Africa and instantly a raging debate about his legacy broke out. Was he the last leader of an oppressive regime who enforced legalised racism with an iron fist […]
5th November 2021

Something fishy in the air…

Something fishy in the air…   Imagine for a moment that someone senior at your place of work was found to have been getting paid hundreds of thousands of pounds to act on behalf of outside interests. Imagine another person was found to have sexually […]
29th October 2021

Boom, Boom, BANG!

Boom, Boom, BANG!   If you’re in the housing business, there’s good news all round. First inflation is heading for 4% which means that all our house prices will go up. Those of you lucky enough to have your own chez moi you may now […]
22nd October 2021

Blowin’ in the wind

Blowin’ in the wind When the boys and girls from extinction rebellion were protesting in Oxford circus, (and blocking the traffic for a week) I decided to go down and see what all the fuss was about. To be in the safe side – extinction […]
15th October 2021

Housing – another broken record

Housing – another broken record Those of you who are old enough to remember Long Playing records (seemingly vinyl is back in vogue now) will remember they rotated at 33 revolutions per minute. A bit like some South American countries. And that’s how it’s beginning […]
8th October 2021

Party, Party, Party!

Party, Party, Party! You have to hand it to Boris. This is a man who could have saved the Titanic, quenched the Great Fire of London single-handed or pulled five hundred rabbits of out a hat. With the current state of he country, his speech […]