VC Team

21st September 2023
This is what happens if a Housing Minister stays long enough…
I am a big boy (no sniggering at the back, I know I am Rubenesque… I mean mature) so I will be the first to right […]
14th September 2023
(Planning per)Mission Impossible
I will start with a confession: I LOVE a good spy story! There is something terribly romantic about the clandestine world of shadowy creatures eavesdropping on […]
7th September 2023
Why are our f&*%$@g politicians swearing so much?
Those who live in glass houses really should not be throwing stones (or curses) and anyone who has ever spoken to me will know that I […]
31st August 2023
The benefits of Brexit – a view from inside the EU
On Monday our esteemed PM hopped in his chopper and flew to Norwich to join Govey in a bonfire of nasty old EU bureaucracy. HOORAY! It’s […]
24th August 2023
Can the young dream of owning a home? Should they?
We’ll be back to regular programming with Henry returning to a (hopefully) sunny London next week, but in the meantime, I’ll be using the newfound platform […]
17th August 2023
What happens when we aren’t allowed to build affordable homes?
In the same week the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) warns that funding for local councils barely reflects need, Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole has become the […]
10th August 2023
Messaging: How to get it right
Apologies for this break in your usual viewing pleasure – with Henry in search of warmer climates, so for the next few weeks, we’re taking (BACK?) […]
3rd August 2023
What happens when we solve the housing crisis? (A Silly Season Special)
Ok, so it is August, I just had my birthday (yesterday… you may send cake to my office) and my birthday always marks the beginning of […]
27th July 2023
Missing Minister – Have you seen her? Reward offered.
Rachel Maclean is missing. “Who?!”, I hear you ask. She is the Housing Minister… admittedly the 15th since 2010 so you might not have noticed… but […]
20th July 2023
Today’s triple by-elections and why they’re important
We are at the fag-end of the current Parliament. It’s been a “long parliament”, with three prime ministers in four years and I have lost count […]