The Community Communications Partnership (CCP) is a communications company providing the link between the community and service providers of a broad base from planning and development to community safety, energy industry the health service and other public bodies.


Our team of experts know how to stimulate debate between the community and establish a real partnership in all the fields we work in.

"Building strong and sustainable communities is at the heart of everything we do."


The world of politics can be very confusing. Who is making the decisions? How are they making the decisions? How can we effectively communicate our ambitions to stimulate political support?

At the CCP, our expert team of seasoned politicians have sat on both sides of the table; we know how to communicate effectively with political decision makers.


Our consultants are all experienced politicians who had won many elections in their own right. To win elections as Councillors you need to understand what communities care about and what motivates them. We understand the behaviour of people and how to get them to react in a positive way.


Consultation should hold real meaning for local residents, and should not simply be a box-ticking exercise. We give meaning to the consultation, educating the locals about the proposals and stimulating constructive debate between local residents and the team on matters of real interest. Our team use their extensive experience to stimulate conversation and make it meaningful.


You only get one chance to get your message right and you need to be the source of the news to set a positive agenda form the very start. Our team are experts through their grass-root campaign activates to tailor messages in such a way that they have the most impact. Our methodology uses the latest technology to reach thousands of people.

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